5 Strongest Appetite Suppressants Over the Counter to Reduce Hunger Cravings and Help You Lose Weight Quickly

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Strongest Appetite Suppressants Over the Counter

When you are trying to lose weight, struggling with hunger can be one of the biggest challenges. Once your stomach starts rumbling, and all those cravings kick in, it makes it tough to stick to your commitment to following a low-calorie diet.  It’s almost like your body is fighting back and trying to hold onto every last calorie.

Fortunately, there are diet pills that can help and, although some of them are prescription medications, there are some excellent over-the-counter alternatives as well.

In this article, we will look at the five best natural appetite suppressant supplements available to buy online in 2024. We’ll look at the benefits they provide and explain the science behind some of the key ingredients. We will also look at the cost of using them and the deals that make it possible to get even better value for money.

Top 5 Natural OTC Appetite Suppressants at a Glance

In a market that’s saturated with potential options, these are the five brands of appetite suppressant pills that stand out as being the best:

  1. PhenQ – Strongest Appetite Suppressant
  2. Capsiplex
  3. Phen24
  4. Zotrim
  5. KetoCharge

These supplements stand out due to the strength of their formulas and their excellent customer feedback. They are produced by reputable companies that adhere to good manufacturing practices (GMP), provide excellent customer service, and back the promises they make for their products with long money-back guarantees.

What are Appetite Suppressants?

Appetite suppressants are like helpers that try to quiet down your hunger. Imagine your appetite as a noisy room full of chatter—what these dietary supplements do is turn down the volume, making it easier for you to ignore the distraction of cravings and stick to your eating plan.

When you’re not so distracted by hunger, you’re in a better position to make thoughtful food choices and eat just enough to fuel your body without overdoing it.  By helping you to consume fewer calories, appetite suppressants make it easier to cause the energy shortage that forces your body to begin burning its stores of fat.

Some appetite suppressants can come from natural sources. Others, such as prescription appetite suppressants, use synthetic ingredients that are made in a lab.

Natural appetite suppressants work by providing carefully selected ingredients like herbs and plant extracts that you might find at a health food store. They work by making you feel fuller or by tricking your brain into thinking you’re not hungry.

Typically made by pharmaceutical companies, synthetic options are designed to interact with your body’s chemistry to reduce hunger.

Although both options can be effective for controlling hunger, these days a growing number of people prefer natural OTC appetite suppressants, believing they’re gentler on the body. These options are also easier to obtain because their use does not require a prescription and there are no requirements for a minimum BMI (body mass index).

OTC appetite suppressant pills also offer a more varied level of support. Instead of only suppressing appetite to support decreased calorie intake, they provide additional benefits, such as boosted metabolism, as well.

Regardless of whether you use prescription appetite suppressants or OTC diet pills,  good results will require you to make suitable dietary changes and increase your physical activity levels.

Top 5 Over-the-Counter Appetite Suppressants: A Deep Dive

#1 – PhenQ

strong over the counter appetite suppressant

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Easily the strongest appetite suppressant available without a prescription, PhenQ is the best option for most people seeking a pill that provides hunger control.

In addition to making it easier to say no to extra snacks and oversized portions at mealtimes, PhenQ also makes the weight loss process faster by providing help in several additional areas:

  • Accelerates metabolism and fat burning
  • Blocks fat production
  • Boosts energy
  • Enhances Mood

Strong and effective, PhenQ is a high-quality weight loss pill produced by a reputable company that provides a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Key Ingredients and Effects

PhenQ’s formula consists of 13 ingredients. All of them come from natural sources. 

When people talk about PhenQ, they tend to focus on α-Lacys Reset. Only used in PhenQ, it’s a proprietary blend of alpha lipoic acid (antioxidant) and L-cysteine (amino acid).

However, although clinical data shows that α-Lacys Reset can greatly speed up fat burning and improve overall body composition, it does not decrease appetite. PhenQ’s prowess in this area is due to other ingredients:

  • Capsicum extract: Data from numerous clinical trials is supportive of using capsicum extracts to control hunger. This ability is made possible due to a compound called capsaicin. Research shows capsaicin further supports weight loss by aiding lipolysis and functioning as a thermogenic fat burner. It may also prevent further weight gain by inhibiting adipogenesis (fat storage).
  • Chromium picolinate: This ingredient provides the mineral chromium in a form that the body absorbs easily.  Supplements that provide chromium help stop the post-eating blood glucose fluctuations that cause sugar cravings. Data from clinical trials shows chromium picolinate can also deliver significant decreases in appetite.
  • Nopal:  Also known as Opuntia ficus-indica, nopal is a cactus species that has been used for appetite suppression for many hundreds of years. Research reveals the compounds it provides further support weight loss by enhancing the gut microbiota in ways that influence metabolism for the better.

Dosage and Directions

The dose is one pill with breakfast and another with lunch. It’s important not to exceed the recommended dosage and to use the supplement consistently.

Potential Side Effects

Phen Q is a natural supplement that does not have any known side effects. However,  it contains a small amount of caffeine so it’s wise to limit your intake of caffeine from additional sources and avoid taking PhenQ too late in the day.

Price and Affordability

PhenQ is only available from the official website. It costs $69.99 for a 30-day supply. That’s not unreasonable and there is no need to worry about having to pay any additional charges for shipping.

Customers who wish to do so have the option of ordering 2 bottles of PhenQ to get a 3rd bottle free. It’s also possible to buy 5 bottles for the price of 3. If you have a lot of weight to lose, this is the most cost-effective package to choose.

Further savings are available when flash sales are running and there is a 15% discount when buying via subscribe and save.

Who Is It Suitable For?

PhenQ is a great fit for most adults who want to lose weight without having to contend with hunger.  However, it’s not suitable for people under 18, or pregnant or nursing women. People with pre-existing health conditions, such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure, may be able to use PhenQ as well but not without first consulting with a healthcare provider.

Customer Reviews

Customers who have tried PhenQ often speak positively about their experience, with some of them reporting weight losses of over 11 pounds during the first month.

Many customers praise the supplement for its ability to reduce cravings and hunger. People with experience using PhenQ also often mention its fatigue-fighting capabilities and state their amazement at the changes they see when they hop on the scales.

#2 Capsiplex

Capsiplex fast working appetite suppressant

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Capsiplex is a dietary supplement that’s available in two forms: Trim and Burn. Trim is aimed at women. Burn is a slightly more intense version intended for men.

Both Capsiplex supplements are primarily marketed as fat burners. They also provide a very respectable energy boost, making them popular choices with men and women with a keen interest in bodybuilding or sports.

As the name hints, Capsiplex’s main ingredient is capsicum extract and it provides it in a very generous dose, furnishing the supplement with notable abilities both as an appetite suppressant and as a thermogenic fat burner.

Key Ingredients and Effects

In addition to harnessing the natural appetite-suppressing capabilities of capsicum extract, Capsiplex provides chromium to further enhance hunger control and help with sugar cravings.

As a whole, the formula is quite complex and contains several ingredients that influence metabolism and fat loss. It even provides compounds that protect against loss of muscle mass but capsicum and chromium are the only two inclusions that directly influence appetite. That’s one of the main reasons we do not rate this option as high as PhenQ.

However, customer reviews confirm both formulas (Trim + Burn), are more than capable of reducing hunger.

Dosage and Directions

The recommended dose is one capsule per day, taken with water before exercise. On non-workout days, the capsule should be taken before breakfast instead. 

Potential Side Effects

There are no known side effects but both formulas contain caffeine, which has the potential to interfere with sleep if taken too late in the day.

Price and Affordability

Trim and Burn are only available via the Capsiplex website. Each bottle provides a 30-day treatment for $64.99. Customers who order two bottles get a third one free of charge. Those anticipating a long weight loss journey also have the option of getting five bottles of Capsiplex for the cost of three.

Who Is It Suitable For?

Capsiplex is an ideal choice for most adults who spend a lot of time playing sports or exercising in a gym. When used correctly, it can empower its users’ workouts, making them more productive.  Thanks to a generous dose of capsicum extract it can also greatly accelerate fat loss by increasing thermogenesis and controlling hunger.

Customer Reviews

Many users of Capsiplex report positive effects, including higher energy levels, faster fat loss, and decreased hunger and cravings.

Some customers also state that Capsiplex was instrumental in helping them overcome weight loss plateaus.

#3 Phen24

24 hour fat burner and appetite suppressant

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Phen24 is a unique weight loss supplement designed to work 24 hours a day. It comes in two formulas: one for daytime and another for nighttime, each with different ingredients to cater to the body’s varying needs at different ends of the day.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the daytime weight loss pills contain caffeine to boost alertness and aid concentration. Taking a different approach, the nighttime pills aid in restful sleep. Both dietary supplements control hunger and also prime the metabolism for faster fat-burning and weight loss.

Key Ingredients and Effects

The daytime pill contains a variety of minerals and botanical extracts. The main appetite suppressant is cayenne. It’s a member of the capsicum pepper family, is an excellent source of capsaicin, ranks highly among the best natural appetite suppressants, and can reduce body fat fast.

In comparison to PhenQ and Capsiplex, the amount of capsaicin the daytime diet pill provides is quite low. However, it’s still enough to deliver modest levels of appetite control and it does not have to go it alone.

The daytime pill also provides L-phenylalanine. It’s an essential amino acid the body requires for a variety of biological functions. Research shows supplements that increase the presence of L-phenylalanine in the body can support reductions in food intake by modulating levels of cholecystokinin (hunger hormone).

The nighttime pill ingredients are more nutrient-based than plant-based. Each one offers support in areas relating to weight loss and, collectively, they support efficient cellular repair and hormone secretion during sleep.

The two main appetite suppressants are chromium picolinate and Griffonia seed extract. We’ve already covered the role chromium plays in hunger control and weight loss, so it’s pointless going over it again.

Griffoni seeds provide 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan), which has a proven ability to reduce hunger. Research shows the hunger-curbing abilities of 5-HTP are good enough to treat binge eating. It’s also one of the top natural ingredients for treating insomnia.

Dosage and Directions

The day begins with the daytime pill. It’s a capsule and only one is required with breakfast. The night pill is produced in tablet format and two are required 15 minutes before the evening meal.

Potential Side Effects

The daytime capsule contains a little caffeine so people who are sensitive to stimulants may need to avoid consuming caffeine from additional sources during the day.

Price and Affordability

Phen24 is only available via the official website. Although it’s a 2-part system, the price does not reflect this.

The cost of a 30-day treatment is only $69.99 and savings are made possible by ongoing offers that allow customers to buy a 2-month supply and get an extra month’s supply free of charge or order a 3-month supply and get an extra couple of months of treatment on the house.

Who Is It Suitable For?

Phen24 is a good option for healthy adults who struggle with evening hunger cravings. It’s an equally good option for people who are overweight and also have sleep difficulties. 

Customer Reviews

Many users appreciate the dual daytime and nighttime approach of Phen24, reporting increased energy levels during the day and feeling less hungry at night.

Reviews often mention improved weight loss results, especially when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

#4 – Zotrim

Zotrim herbal appetite suppressant

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Zotrim is an herbal weight loss supplement that’s been around for a long time and is famous for outperforming prescription appetite suppressants in several clinical trials.

In common with most prescription weight management medications, Zotrim’s main value is as a pill to reduce appetite but it also produces modest improvements in energy.

This option tends to be most popular with women but men can use Zotrim as well. It’s a great addition to any healthy weight loss plan.

Key Ingredients and Effects

Zotrim contains a blend of three key herbal ingredients: Yerba Maté, Guarana, and Damiana. This herbal trio has a strong synergy that allows them to work better together than they do alone.

Research shows the specific combination used in Zotrim can delay stomach emptying after meals. This prolongs satiety, helping to keep hunger pangs away.

Dosage and Directions

The standard Zotrim dose is two Zotrim tablets before each of the three main meals of the day.  People seeking an even greater level of appetite suppression can take three tablets per dose but it’s important not to exceed the maximum dose of nine capsules per day.

Potential Side Effects

Guarana is a source of caffeine. Zotrim contains caffeine from an additional source as well. Although the overall dose is not particularly high, it’s best to take appropriate precautions to prevent side effects such as not consuming caffeine from additional sources and leaving a gap of at least five hours between the last dose of the day and going to sleep.

Price and Affordability

Zotrim is only available via the Zotrim website. It’s sold in boxes that provide 180 tablets. For people taking the standard dose, that’s a 30-day supply. For those taking the maximum dose, a box will last for three weeks.

The cost per box is $59.99. So, for anyone who sticks to the standard dose, using Zotrim for appetite control and weight loss will be a little cheaper than using any of the previous three options.

As with all the top OTC appetite suppressants, those who wish to do so can get up to two free boxes of Zotrim by placing slightly larger orders.

Who Is It Suitable For?

Zotrim is a good choice for most healthy adults who want a good basic appetite suppressant supplement that’s reasonably priced and contains proven ingredients.

Customer Reviews

Users of Zotrim often comment that the supplement helps them to eat less by making them feel fuller for longer. Many have noted that this sensation of fullness has helped them reduce their portion sizes and snack less frequently.

Customers also appreciate the boost in energy, which they say helps with exercise and daily activities.

#5 KetoCharge

Keto Charge OTC diet pills

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KetoCharge is a dietary supplement for people who are following a ketogenic diet. It’s designed to help the body enter the state of ketosis more easily. This is a metabolic state where the body uses ketones and fat for energy instead of glucose from carbohydrates.

This option is a little different from the previous ones because it’s intended to function as a support system for those following keto diet plans.

Often seen as extreme, the keto diet is an ultra-low-carb eating plan that places modest emphasis on proteins, along with higher levels of dietary fat. It’s associated with many health benefits and, among other things, triggers metabolic changes that reduce hunger.

Key Ingredients and Effects

KetoCharge contains salts of beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) including sodium, calcium, and magnesium BHB.

BHB is a ketone body that serves as an alternative energy source for the brain and muscles when carbohydrate intake is low. By providing BHB, KetoCharge can help to reduce the “keto flu” symptoms often experienced during the initial phase of ketosis.

Additionally, ketones can help suppress appetite by providing a steady energy source that can reduce cravings and snacking.

Dosage and Directions

The dose is two capsules per day, taken with water at breakfast. To get any benefits from this supplement, it’s necessary to use it in conjunction with the keto diet.

Potential Side Effects

KetoCharge does not have any known side effects. However, the diet it’s used alongside does.

As the body adapts to ketosis, some users may experience initial side effects often referred to as the “keto flu.” Symptoms can include nausea, headaches, and fatigue.

However, KetoCharge aims to minimize these effects by supplying the body with ready-to-use synthetic ketones in the form of BHB salts.

Price and Affordability

KetoCharge can be purchased online from the official website. The price for a month’s supply generally hovers around $60. However, bulk purchasing options are available, offering significant discounts and sometimes even free additional bottles, which can enhance overall value.

Who Is It Suitable For?

KetoCharge is only suitable for adults who are already on or are starting a ketogenic diet and want to enhance their results. It is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, children, or people with medical conditions unless they have prior medical approval.

Customer Reviews

Feedback from customers is largely positive, with many KetoCharge users stating that the supplement has helped them maintain energy levels and avoid or reduce the symptoms of keto flu.

Criteria for Choosing the Strongest Appetite Suppressant OTC

When you’re looking for an effective OTC weight management supplement that suppresses appetite, the most important aspect to consider is its safety profile. This means checking it’s produced by a reputable company that follows good manufacturing practices and uses high-quality ingredients.

As for the ingredients, do they have scientific research backing their ability to promote weight loss by controlling hunger and cravings? If the ingredients have no value in this area neither will the supplements that contain them.

Customer feedback is another key factor to consider Look at user reviews and testimonials. Doing so will give you an idea of how the product has performed for others. Real-world experiences are a vital source of information that provide valuable insights into product efficacy as well as any potential side effects.

Finally, consider the price and availability of the appetite suppressant. It should fit within your budget and be easy to purchase. An effective appetite suppressant doesn’t need to break the bank. You should be able to access it conveniently so you can maintain consistency and continue to use it alongside the weight loss efforts you are making with diet and exercise.

Strong Appetite Suppressants FAQ

  1. What are some of the strongest over-the-counter appetite suppressants available?
    Strong over-the-counter appetite suppressants include products like PhenQ, which combines several ingredients to help control hunger and boost metabolism, and Capsiplex, which utilizes the thermogenic properties of capsaicin from chili peppers.
  2. Which over-the-counter appetite suppressants are considered the safest?
    Safety is paramount when choosing an appetite suppressant. Both PhenQ and Zotrim have a reputation for being safe due to their natural ingredient profiles. However, always consult with a healthcare provider before starting any supplement.
  3. Are there any inexpensive yet effective appetite suppressants?
    Zotrim is often highlighted as a cost-effective option that doesn’t compromise on effectiveness. It’s made with a blend of herbal extracts designed to reduce appetite and calorie intake.
  4. What over-the-counter appetite suppressants work the fastest?
    Capsiplex is known for its fast-acting formula, which quickly boosts metabolism and suppresses appetite due to its potent capsaicin content. The onset of action can vary from person to person.
  5. Which appetite suppressants are most suitable for individuals over 50?
    When over 50, it’s important to choose a suppressant that supports overall health. PhenQ is suitable for this age group as it not only suppresses appetite but also supports energy levels and mood.
  6. What are the least addictive over-the-counter appetite suppressants?
    Natural appetite suppressants like Zotrim are considered less likely to be addictive due to their herbal composition. It’s designed to help control eating habits without the risk of dependency.
  7. Can PhenQ help reduce hunger without negative side effects?
    PhenQ is designed to reduce hunger while also providing energy and metabolic support. Most users tolerate it well, but as with any supplement, it’s best to discuss potential side effects with a healthcare provider.
  8. Is Capsiplex effective for suppressing appetite in the long term?
    Capsiplex, while fast-acting, can also be effective for long-term appetite suppression when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.
  9. How does Zotrim facilitate weight loss besides appetite suppression?
    Zotrim not only helps reduce appetite but also increases energy levels and motivation for physical activity, making it a comprehensive aid for weight loss.
  10. Can natural appetite suppressants like PhenQ, Capsiplex, and Zotrim replace prescription appetite suppressants?
    While they can be powerful, natural suppressants like PhenQ, Capsiplex, and Zotrim may not have the same strength as prescription medications but are often used by those seeking alternatives with fewer side effects. Always consult a healthcare professional to determine the best option for your needs.
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